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What's A Hybrid?

Vibe Cubera 120

Let's keep it short & Sweet

A hybrid is a combo between a stand up paddle board and a sit on top kayak. It can be modified to ride either way, with or without the seat. This particular model is built to be incredibly stable for anglers to fold that seat down, mount the perch and get up high off the water to cast a line.. or just super smooth ride for the casual kayaker!

Fishing gear, dogs, mini adventure buddies?

This is your kayak. Don't worry about gear weighing you down or a furry & mini adventure buddy rocking the boat. A hybrid won't slow down and you'll have to try pretty dam hard to tip it over. That's why we love these models.

"Dope equipment changes the experience, don't settle..


Head over to our Youtube channel to check out our newest video of Dave taking a cruise around Ritter Island on this.. might notice some other sweet equipment he's using.. new post coming soon to announce what other goodies we have!

**These book FAST. Quantities limited at the moment due to demand. Don't worry more are coming soon!

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