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State Street Aquatics

State Street Aquatics & Aquatic Blended Food Brand in Hagerman, ID

Hey Dad a fish store! Go back!

Just another Saturday running around the Buhl/Hagerman valley helping get our customers out on the river and we had to make a pit stop in Hagerman, ID. Driving down the main road through Hagerman headed to the Chevron to cringe at the gas pump while filling up the truck we passed by this cool new store that came to Hagerman about 4 months ago.

Already exhausted from the day and what was still to come Dad wasn't too excited to make another pit stop but we're sure glad we did. Not only is there now another local fish store (which the Magic Valley desperately needed), this is much more than just a small local fish store. State Street Aquatics offers a place for local creators/vendors to sell their handmade goods, a vintage candy section they are growing and their own line of quality blended foods for all sorts of aquatic pets. If you're a local creator and need a venue go talk with them and if you just need some great local made gifts go explore their shop to see everything offered!

Steve the owner and his family run the shop and it only took one interaction to see how passionate they are about what they do. They deeply care for the aquatic friends they sell and create food for and making sure they are set up for health and happiness to any new home they go home to.

Aquatic Fanatics

Dad & I are aquatic animal enthusiasts and put great time and care into our own personal tanks. If you're also into watery friends and know how addicting creating a healthy, happy little underwater world is you need to check out this shop and pick their mind. Years of experience, knowledge and care have gone into their animals and foods they blend and it shows. If you have ever been in a big chain pet store it's hard to look at the aquatic section and not feel sad for the conditions that are so easily accepted for all these amazing creatures. You won't leave this shop with that feeling. Knowing Steve & his family are here to help educate new enthusiasts and provide support for them makes us stoked on this shop.

Cichlids, bettas, snails, crabs, frogs, eels, axolotls, catfish and many other varieties of fish can be see and adopted from the store all in clean, thriving environments.

Check out them out online

See what they're up to day to day on their Facebook

Find their aquatic blended foods here on their online store

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