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October 2022 Limited Edition sticker

some things are just fun

Some of our designs need a bit of explanation and background and some are just for fun. So this month we thought we'd bring a bit of cute humor into the design for the kick off of spooky season with a ghost dude riding a paddle board. I mean he's more floating it but same diff.. paddle boards are legit and even ghosties want in on the action

Send us all the clever, fun, serious, artistic and dumb sticker ideas you have.. we love bringing them to life!

Byeee for A while friends..

October in Idaho isn't exactly prime hanging on the river season so we are officially in our off season hours! But we do know Idaho is a spaz with it's weather patterns so as long as the weather permits we're up to make a reservation for you on the weekends, even in off season!

Happy spooky season y'all get out there and have some adventures!

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