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November 2022 Limited Edition Sticker

Just a squatch and his canoe

But Brit IDBH doesn't rent canoes.... YES I KNOW.. But it's a silly sticker and it made more sense for it to be a canoe.. so idk deal with it? But real talk, we don't rent canoes for many reasons the first and foremost being that they are MUCH harder for newbies to balance, navigate and control and are slow. Reason two, they are heavy AF and much harder to transport.

So yeah.. it's December and I'm just posting November's sticker..why? Because I suck just a little at caring about this social media driven world, but hey I eventually get around to it!

shout out again to one of my besties

Sometimes I'm at a loss for what to design for the month and friends, family and customers suggestions come through! Thanks again to one of my besties who is a Sasquatch fan and inspiriting this cute design.

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