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June 2023 Limited Edition Sticker

Some Silly Sticker

just a bit of nostalgia

A little of that 80's style, a little of those summer feels, and some usual silly sh** added in and here's what we came up with for June! Sometimes I question what I'm making and then the people who know me best tell me nah make it super ridiculous and fun cause why the fuhh not? Mustache and shades inspired by one of these co-creators!

Thanks to two of my favorite people of helping me refine this design, ya'll are the best <3


Because I apparently hate the concept of free time I opened a graphic design business as well! I have created so many designs for IDBH and have had others approach me for web and graphic design projects so it naturally just grew into it's own entity. Follow my designs for IDBH and other projects on IG!

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