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July 2022 Limited Edition Sticker

I know we try and keep this blog short and sweet but take one look at that handsome doggie dude right there and bet I'm going to talk it up about our mascot, greeter guy and adventure buddy.


Diesel is my two year old McNab who came into my life by accident. He helped heal a broken heart from the passing of my cat Zoe I had for 18 years... That same heartbroken day this little pup was handed to me completely by accident needed a home and my broken heart and his little 5 week old scared self became instantly bonded and the rest is history. This crazy doggie dude goes everywhere with me from paddle board days on the river to errands in town, road trips, helping check in you, our wonderful customers for your river adventures, down to our campground to greet our campers & to every room I may even think of walking into. This boy is my shadow.

Full of energy, personality, brains and spunk this kayaking cowdog is making quite a name for himself. Because I am that crazy lady who takes her dog everywhere.. sorry not sorry.. he's gained a local fan club who is happy to shower him in pets, waves, ice cream cones, snacks and all the attention. He is spoiled ass rotten as every animal should be and knows it. Sometimes his big ,tough, cowdog, puppy energy gets him in trouble so we had to officially release him from his duties as "IDBH Greeter Guy" but since mama is boss he still holds the honorary title.

Diesel is a sucker for squeaky toys, belly rubs, my grandma, running through the field chasing chucks on our nightly walks and ice cream cones from Arctic Circle in Buhl (Shout out to our family friends the McClains!)

Big Boss energy

Catch up with Diesel Desert on your next rental, he likes to come along & help oversee getting customers on the river..from the truck window in the comfort of his personal air conditioning..

You just know he's got his own social media...

Keep up with our adventures on IG!

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