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February 2022 Limited Edition Sticker

This month we did a collab with a fellow friend and local business owner of West Point Watering Hole! Not familiar with them? Here's a short run down. West Point has been around this area for a long time as a local loved spot to get a great burger and a drink or two.. Before that West Point was a small grocery store and still offers a small but stocked up C store on one side and a great restaurant and bar on the other. The locals that frequent there are all loved and well known and always bring local history, stories and fun when they come in. What is even more unique about West Point Watering Hole is right behind the property is an Eagle Tree. There are a few places that eagles have a yearly migration to and one of those spots happen to be a tree behind West Point! During peak season (February) you can stop and see dozens of eagles all perched in this tree. Just another amazing thing about the Magic Valley area we're lucky to be part of!

Check out West Point Watering hole socials

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