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Pizza Planet

Family Owned & Operated By The Medinas

Family recipes, local ingredients & some of the coolest people you'll meet.

Pizza Planet has been around Buhl, ID for quite some time. This small but mighty hometown restaurant is so much more than pizzas (even though it's the best pizza you will find). Owned from one generation of the family to the next they've stayed true to their recipes and integrity in their product and nothing comes quite as close to their creations.

The amount of hard work and effort the Medinas put into growing and maintaining their brand is obvious when you walk in and see all the personal touches added to make it feel like a true local hang out. With history that goes back to when we were all kids running around and the last generation of Medinas was making us pizza in high school, to new additions like the beer on tap, espresso bar, a drive through, desserts, sports events, birthday parties and more to make it even more fun to be there and the truly unique spot it is.

Pizza Planet offers amazing pizza made out of hand tossed fresh dough they make every morning, subs and salads and bread sides that are all just as fresh and made with attention to quality. You can also find local beer from various breweries in this area including Koto!

Support Small & Local

Yeah we know chains offer things cheap and instant but always at the cost of quality and who wants to support a big corporation instead of a local, hard working family? Go check them out whether you're a local to the Magic Valley area who's never been or a visitor passing through you won't regret stopping in to check them out for a great meal and experience and find a new favorite.

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IDBH Dave (Dad) & Ricardo (Pizza Planet Owner)

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