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summer 2023 rentals closed!

But why?

We're sad to announce we will not be providing river rentals for summer 2023. But don't worry we're not closing. IDBH has grown quickly since we started just a few seasons ago into ventures that we did not anticipate at first.

So this summer due to many reasons we will be taking a step back from rentals so we can focus on growing Idaho Boat House into this new opportunity that has come along that demands much more of our time, energy and efforts to try and make a reality for not only Idaho Boat House, but the community we serve.

We will be happy to help guide our customers to other rental options they can utilize this summer and continue to answer questions about the river and area we live in as always. Please keep in mind due to being closed this summer to dedicate time to this expansion, we will not be as readily available. But feel free to reach out via text, call or email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

We will try to update on the blog and socials as we move through this expansion venture this summer and keep you updated as much as possible. Hoping to bring new, big and exciting things for Summer 2024!

Thank you all for every bit of support you've given us and please stick by as we try to make this expansion into something so much more than kayak rentals become a reality!

P.S. We will still be bringing out our limited edition monthly stickers..

With so much gratitude, Dave, Brit & Diesel

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